About HappilySometimesAfter

Updated January 2018


I’m Robyn and I’m really happy you found your way here. Writing my thoughts out during the not so great and the extraordinary moments of life has always been something I have done: on paper when I was little and drawing pictures when I was very very little! I began blogging in 2011 as a hobby and as most hobbies do it fell away to the side, grew away, I lost my words and my touch…then I lost my nerve. I got scared to share: things were going too well and I didn’t want to seem like I was, well to be honest, gloating. Life is funny like that though: Now I wish I had of gloated the hell out of that life: because now everything has, as it tends to do, changed and I have no written reference to any of it.  So now I write. Now I gloat. I question and I reminisce. I become too nostalgic sometimes and too bold other times. It’s OK: it’s me. That’s who I am. I am OK

This blog acts as my journal. As a way for ME to get everything that is running around in my head out where it belongs. When I write these things down suddenly the scary is not so scary anymore; it somehow becomes funny or beautiful or beautifully funny (which is totally the BEST!). And also 140 character just are not enough most days.  I will also most likely always spell things wrong and never use commas correctly (thanks for nothing College Communications!! YOU ROCK!!) I write how I feel. I am thoughtful and thorough. If its here it’s important. It’s always true. It’s never with malicious intent. It’s never going to be self deprecating.

I will find here what I haven’t been able to find elsewhere: I will find my path. I will find happiness. I will find the humor in the things that aren’t funny at all, but need to be in order to be survived. I will be shameless in my search for peace: the ultimate gift I am giving myself.  I welcome you inside my head and my heart where it’s generally a pretty rad place to be. I would like to make a vow that I will write everyday, but out of pure kindness to myself and my newly acquired ability to be less demanding of myself, I will simply say: I will write when I can: no pressure; this is too important. From the bottom of my heart: Thank you for being a part of my very beautiful Happily sometimes After.

Angry faced bathroom selfie because: this is where I can hide from people and it’s usually messy from others peoples messes. #truestory

3 thoughts on “About HappilySometimesAfter

  1. I love you! You are an awesome mother, a great person, and a superb friend. I hope that we are friends until we are too old to remember when we weren’t. So glad that I met you! Anything that you need is never too much to ask.


    1. I can’t wait to race our electric wheelchairs down the hall of our substandard nursing home with stuffed cats in our baskets and our catheter bags dragging behind us!! Get outta my way I’m old!!! ❤


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