Some Things

5 things (that turned into 6 and then 7 because I am indecisive)  I can’t be without

Is it just me or are there certain things you need to have: things that make your day go right and you feel more at ease? Things that calm you or feel like such a part of you that without them you feel off or naked? Here are mine

  1. Sad: my cell phone. It’s glued to me. I am the kid that panics when its not with me. I am that kid that checks it incessantly (which is sad because only like 5 people ever text me and at any given time 2 of them are with me) I don’t like not having it with me when I drive or when I am out. What if I get lost? What if something happens? What if someone needs me?? what if Brad and Jennifer decide to get back together?!?! How will I know. Pathetic.
  2. Sad again: Coffee in the morning. Yup…again I am that kid. I am a grump without it. It makes me feel all warm and happy and its delicious tasting. Its an integral part of my morning routine: wake up make coffee then bathroom stuff then drink coffee. Then get ready and blah blah blah go to work: the blah blah blah represents probably 2 more cups and then I feel all shaky and great and I am ready to go.
  3. Music or back ground noise: I hate the quiet. I did not used to but now I do. If there is quiet, I have too much time for idle thoughts and mind wandering so I avoid it. At work the radio is on, in the car I have music playing or CBC on. At home I usually have headphone in (much to the dismay of people who are trying to talk to me. Here’s a handy trick: when you don’t want to talk to people put headphones in! Everyone leaves you alone after you shout answers at them a few times!)
  4. A sweater or a big scarf. Even in the summer I drag a sweater around with me. I hate being cold so much that I worry about getting cold. I take my sweater off and on numerous times during the day: my hair is always a disaster. I plan my outfits around what sweater I would wear. I wear my hoodies until I wear holes in the sleeves and then I still wear them at home.
  5. A journal. I always have a journal with me. If I don’t carry a bag that day that can accommodate my journal I have post-it notes on hand and use them to journal on and stick them inside. Writing is my medicine. It calms me and helps me get my thoughts out of my head and on paper to help me make better sense of them.
  6. Its kinda weird: But… I always feel better when I have something in my pocket (see Instagram post about buying pants without pockets…frig) I am a fidgeter. I play with circle money or spin a bobby pin or a hair tie around my fingers. I have a rock that I put in my pocket in the summer from a significant place that I have rubbed so often its now smooth in spots. Again, its calming.
  7. Someone to talk to: This. This is important. As much as I like to have quiet sometimes; I feel so much better knowing I have someone I can talk to about the important things in life. It makes me feel happy to know I have someone I can tell random sill things too or send funny pictures to. It makes me feel safe I guess, to know that I have someone I can turn to if I am upset or need advice. It makes me feel comfortable to know that I can be open and honest and share things about myself that maybe not easy to share or just to be honest about how I feel about somethings and not worry about being judged or them getting angry at me: if I were to say something in that regard, I would know that person would be open with me and let me know. I get that people aren’t things and I put people on my list of things: however, to me having that someone or someone’s to count on is definitely something I can’t be without and hope i never have to. I really like my someones being with me! ❤



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