Happiness Is..

Finding inspiration on the internet!! Seriously: Feeling down??? Look up happiness quotes! Feeling weak?? Google “I am strong!” Hungry?: Oh there are recipes!  Bored?? Literally Google “I am Bored”. Feeling reminiscent of the old days?? Ya…every bad picture taken of you is hidden somewhere out there: try to find them…and then cry. My favorite though are the inspirational quotes. Whoever it is that takes the time to make those: Thank YOU!! (whoever makes the ones with the spelling mistakes: they are my favorite ones! :)) I have a folder on my lap top, one on my Mac Mini and one on  my work laptop labeled “Be happy!!” And I fill them with images I find that make me feel…happy. Some of them I print out and tape them to my wall or copy them on post it notes and tape them to my laptop or give them to my little Buddha statue to hold for me! Pretty much…I do what I gotta do to SURROUND myself with positivity because I know I will need it…several times a day I need it. The best time to deal with low, sad or depressive moments is when you are well. You have to know you well enough to recognize the “fall” is coming and do whatever you have to keep it at bay. Maybe some of these could help you or someone you someday! They sure have come in handy for me! Stay Happy. Stay Awesome xo

R :))


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