Does music give you goosebumps?

Things I ask myself WHY? about: Does music give you goosebumps? Does the sound of a crying baby make you anxious sometimes? Does the sound of rain on the roof make you sleepy? Does a certain fluffy blanket make you feel safe and comfy? Does the smell of a cup of tea make you homesick? Does the feel of clean sheets and a made bed make you sleep better? Does wine taste better out of the right glass (I lost my wineglasses and I’m sad) Does a clean bathroom make you feel better? Does opening a box of packed things almost knock you over?  Does having your socks match and your makeup done make you feel like you have your shit together? Does the TV being on make your head hurt? Does the sound of some people chewing make you bonkers? Does the smell of fabric softener make everything feel clean? Does the sound of laughter make you envious? Does being sad make your finger tips hurt? Does sitting for too long make you feel uncomfortable? Does holding a new kitten make you cry? Does a random hilarious moment make you laugh so hard you can’t breathe? Does looking at old photos make your head and heart hurt with emotion? Does a long drive home after a long day help calm you down? Does the sound of birds singing make you long for springtime and outside? Does the smell of cut grass make you feel joy? Does rocking in a rocking chair feel like you can figure out anything? Does the sound of a crackling fire feel like home? Does the sun shining on the snow make you think of magic? Does having a snack make solving problems easier? Does being hungry make you angry? Does a bubble bath make you feel at peace? Does watching someone you love sleep make you feel protective? Does a good hug just fix everything sometimes? Does having a sad moment during the day make you ask all of those things.


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