Happiness Without Sadness

Article: Happiness Without Sadness

This is  a really interesting article I came across that kind of made me say…huh!

Point: You really have to feel all aspects of emotions and feelings

Point: It’s not only OK to feel…it’s important to feel!

Point: It probably sure is NOT a good idea to live solely in the dichotomy between emotions/feeling…etc (learning point and teachable moment for me)

Point: OK question actually….is there such thing as a false or fake dichotomy? (oxymoron question…haha!) Oh boy…this leaves so much confusion in my head and so much learning to do. This both excites and makes me feel so alone.

Point: I still think you have to feel things and take from “them” what you need and then move past the feeling…however I guess it’s important to be sure to take a little of the “pain” to help you with the healing.

Point: I am still learning as I go….it’s all about perspective and experience and I haven’t enough of either…


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