It’s new here…it kind of has the that newly set up blog smell!! Although: if it’s like the new car smell its only really appealing for like the first week and then it kind of gives you a headache…thank GODS for those little tree things that smell like vanilla…which is actually weird…anyway…

This is our new home: So Welcome! Its a bit of a mess (kind of like me) and will be for a wee bit while I figure out how things work (also like me), but eventually everything will sort itself out and we will all be fine!  This is just one of many little adjustments to be made and one more learning curve to conquer! Up next is: Why is there no sound on my laptop and what the actual fuck is a sound card and does ANYONE know where I put the receipt for this thing??? followed closely behind by: Where do i plug the one thingy in on the back of the Mac thing so both monitors work?? sigh. I can do a 6 page med rec in like 20 minutes and fax the doctor ,get a response and update the pharmacy all in that time but..this…THIS throws me for a looper! Sigh.  I need to pay more attention to things!

Maybe I will write more..again. Maybe I will take more pictures (I think I need a refresher on the settings of my camera first…) Maybe I will just post screenshots of angry ducks or wet koala bears or raccoons pushing brooms that  I find on the internet because they make me laugh (please google those things and laugh with me!) Who knows what might happen? I’m kind of learning as I go that nothing goes as planned and that this life is full of variables  that like to push you down a road you didn’t even know existed and its better to just let it happen and make adjustments as they come. (Yay. Another learning curve!)


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