An Organized Distaster

My life right now. 2 jobs (working all three shifts at random meaning some stretches are 12 days long). 2 kids – 1 of which shares time between our home and her Dads on a week about basis. A Jay that works full time from home – having to travel at random to Florida several times throughout the year – while also running a business part time doing his beautiful art and shooting amazing photography.  We have more pets than people in this house. We have a house under major renovations right now. We have doctors and dentists appointments. 2 vehicles to maintain. We have family spread across the Province. We have more things to do and take of than time to do it all in. It’s a disaster and we are trying our darndest to keep everything straight. We are trying our darndest to also manage to somehow have time for US: to have time together, and for ourselves: to have time to do the things that are important to us individually (for writing, for photography, for art, for reading and just being lazy sometimes).

Finding a system to keep everything organized that works for us both (us being Jay and I: Me being OCD and paranoid about always being on time and him being Mr. We’ll get there when we get there…OH look a shiny thing!) has been…a struggle. We have tried shared calendars online and then updated our phones and the sync just wasn’t there anymore. We’ve tried just telling each other our plans and timelines and got fed up arguing every other day about whether you really DID tell me about your meeting or not. We tried a wall calendar by the door but the pictures were pretty and ended up taped in Ryleigh’s scrap book :/ I’m a definite writer downer: meaning I feel better with things written on paper, so I’ve suggested a daytimer for Jay to use to keep his agenda straight and to help with when he has booked who for what and where: apparently he is very bad at writing thing down preferring instead to count on his memory that, lets be honest here, SUCKS which means he counts on me to keep things straight for him. We’ve downloaded apps and set alerts on reminders and even resorted at one point to writing on the fridge with a marker. A few weeks ago when my work schedule got beyond crazy and I couldn’t remember where I was let alone expect anyone else to, I devised the idea to set up the big white board easel in the dining room, drew a calendar on it, made a colour coded legend and wrote out our life one month at a time.  (NOTE the rule is unless you take part in paying the mortgage you are NOT allowed to TOUCH the white board).

In doing that I also decided to let go a little of the constant worry that I needed to keep everything straight for everyone. I decided that this way it’s all there: all written out for everyone to see, so there is no reason for anyone to be shocked when say the duct cleaners show up at 0830 on Tuesday morning. (If you are still in bed your going to get a shock when he comes in your room and I won’t be home so good luck!).  I decided too that in this house of technology (for reals 4 cell phones 5 computers and tablets and iPods and wireless everything) maybe going back to simple is best. Maybe the in-yourfaceness of the calendar is what we need to keep it together and…so far it’s been good. I think I have had to say only twice “Is it on the calendar? No! Then I guess it’s not my problem!” I still have my calendar in my bag that I use but everyday I do a check before leaving to make sure everything matches up and I rest a little better knowing that we are all on the same page.

An Organized Disaster

My next goal/plan? Is to get myself into a habit of keeping my blog  and photo ideas better organized. I think (ok I know…we live in a digital world and blogging is a digital life) for this to happen I am going to have to get out my comfort zone and away from scraps of paper and notes on the back of my check book and really get comfortable and proficient with using something like Evernote: which I downloaded months ago, played with for literally 10 minutes and then promptly forgot about.  If anyone has any other suggestions or tips and ideas I would certainly LOVE and appreciate the help!  On that note…I better get moving here because according to my calendar….I am due to work in 2 hours for night shift number 3 in the middle of an 8 day stretch!


One thought on “An Organized Distaster

  1. I can so relate with being OCD and my other half, and my 2 daughters, completely think I’m insane, too uptight, and all of that. I do have problems keeping everything organized. I try, find something that works, then my attention span wanders to something else. I have Bipolar Disorder also, and I’m not sure if I have an attention problem or not, but just as I can relate to your side………………………….. Ah, I seen something shiny. 🙂


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