The House That Love Built

1 year minus 3 days ago we had the house, we now call home, inspected prior to purchase. It was, in essence, our last chance to back. Just say no. Run AWAY. We didn’t. We saw the mess (thanks arse hole rental tenant and your demon children and lack of lawn-mowing/grounds keeping/it’s called a GARBAGE PAIL: use it – knowledge). We saw the massive amount of work that was going to be involved to get rid of the “abandoned shack look” that the cabin had taken on in the few months since our departure (Jay rented the house for 2.5 years before we bought it. tldr: We wanted to buy it then but the owners wouldn’t negotiate on the price so we left. Crappy tenant moved in AND shock! owners came back to us being more reasonable). We saw the dollars involved in making said improvements.  We also saw the beauty in the land. We remembered the beauty in the sun setting over the pond. We heard the sound of silence (that is actually a thing…and my favourite song). We looked to the future and saw  family suppers on the porch and meals cooked on the wood fired cook stove. We saw our children having graduation pictures taken in the yard and then their future children playing in the same yard someday. We saw life. We saw home in a log cabin on a pond down a country road.

And here we are just shy of a year into first time home ownership (after having had someone explain interest rates and land transfer taxes and deeds to me 67 time until I finally understood). Looking around it’s hard  sometimes to remember the way it looked before.  It’s hard sometimes to think about how far we still have to go without crying. The spring and summer have flown by with weekend projects absorbing every second of our “spare time”. We aren’t counting down the remainder of summer by thinking what we can do to enjoy it: but what we can get done in this short amount of time before the dreaded winter returns. We have in essence become weekend warriors: of the renovation kind. We’ve done our best to keep things cost effective (some of our favourite projects, like our garden path, not costing us anything) by reusing items from “other” projects and areas of the home: Sure it takes longer but the end results have, so far, been worth the effort. We put off  few major renos and bigger projects for the time being, accepting “band-aid” fixes  instead. We have adopted “We have years to get things done: Let’s make sure they are done right” as a mantra. The thing is: Effort and time we have lots of, money we do not! There is no rush. (Also why pay for something with credit when you can save for a while and pay cash instead)

It’s been tiring and exhausting and costly and painful at times. It’s also been amazing and wonderful and full of laughter and learning.  The best part of this all? Is the fact that Jay and I have done the work together. Without even contemplating ending each others existence in order to get our own way. We have learned that we make a kick ass team. Our tastes and wants are actually quite similar as is our ability to know “there is no way I am winning this discussion so I am just going to cut my losses and agree with him/her”. We truly have the epitome of a symbiotic relationship.  This truly will be the house that love built. That, or “The renovation project that never ends and I now need a third job in order to keep up”. I  think like the first one better.

A before and after view of the front of the cabin. Sept 2013 and August 2014
A before and after view of the front of the cabin. Sept 2013 and August 2014



4 thoughts on “The House That Love Built

  1. Oh, I loved reading this!! The house that love built, the imagining of photos being taken… perfect. PERFECT! My heart is warm and the only reason I am at the keyboard is insomnia but right now? I am so grateful for it.

    Thank you, thank you, thank YOU!!!


    1. The thought of those moment is what keeps me going! I am a nurse and work WAY too many night shifts which causes me to experience insomnia myself far too often. That paired with anxiety and motherhood…makes for a lot of just wanting to stay in bed all day and do nothing! I am so happy that my happy moments warmed your heart!! I hope you have found sleep Julie!! 🙂 *hugs!*


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