If My Cat Had Instagram

Because of COURSE my cat needs her own Instagram* account! It would be AWESOME. I would love nothing more than to see post after post appear in my newsfeed from a cats perspective….especially a 9 week old kitten perspective! I imagine it to look something like this…

Tonka Trucks Instagram








And ya..I totally made my cat an Instagram account….cause I am that cool! This silliness all started when I was explaining to my sweet  little Squish that at the age of 9 I felt she was too young to have ANY social media accounts. I explained it to her by saying it was just plain silly: Just as silly in fact as a cat having an Instagram account!! So then  of course, rightfully so, my brain switched from being a good concerned parent to a crazy blogger and I thought MY CAT TOTALLY NEEDS AN INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT!!! And I sent Squish off to play with some leaky old car batteries and got down to making this for my kittens! Follow along with @toncatruck and see what other craziness ensues! (NOTE: Squish will be taking over with “assisting” Tonks and her siblings going forward as a compromise for her having her own…see?? good Mom!)

*Instagram has not paid me, asked me or approved the use of their name in this post…they won’t care cause they are awesome and I am not being a jerk head here! I ❤ Instagram…please don’t sue me!

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