R – April 21, 2014

R is for…Ridiculous: The things I find such. A list.

  1. High school “dudes” walking around with no-shirt when it’s only 15 degrees out (It’s not summer yet homies…not yet)
  2. The 436 students who stand outside my son’s school smoking. You’re all like 14. All y’all. Just stop! You don’t look cool…you look stupid.
  3. Gas prices: Seriously ridiculous.
  4. Reality TV. I mean What. The. HECK??? I don’t know what Honey Boo-Boo’s Mom took when she was pregnant to cause that to actually be a thing…but it should be outlawed. Also Tori and Dean…umm fixing your marital issues on TV might probably not be the best thing since TV probably messed up your marriage in the first place. Just sayin.
  5. Non-reality TV that passes for “good”. Mostly all good TV died when Firefly was canceled. Way to go Fox…you broke life.
  6. Facebook credits: I can’t even…why??
  7. The “new” Twitter layout: Again…why?? I already have a Facebook account, why would I want my Twitter feed to look the same?
  8. Air Port Parking prices: Why yes! I do like paying as much for parking as I do for a flight.
  9. People who think SPAM email actually works: Tell you what! when I need a Russian bride with a HUGE penis and I also want to save money on my car insurance I will give you a call HotnSEXi567489304@gmail.uk.ca.fakeemail.com mmmk??
  10. People (women or men) who don’t get weak in the knees when Tom Hiddleston speaks/shouts/walks/dances/sits/breathes or exists.

Help me add to the list!! What is ridiculous?

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