Q – April 19, 2014

Q is for QUIET!!!

And how it’s not even when it is. I am sitting here trying to enjoy the quiet and the clam of the house early in the morning: but it’s not quiet. I hear the night dew dripping of the upper roof onto the steel roof over the porch. I can hear kitties playing and the dog snoring. I hear Lucas talking in his sleep (a dragon is about to get his ass handed to him…poor dragon!). I hear the duck and geese flying over and then the slash as they land in the pond. I hear birds chirping and roosters crowing (seriously gonna find that guy one day and ring his rooster neck!) I hear cows mooing(?) and I hear the clip clop of horses hooves on the road pulling the Mennonite buggies behind them (We live smack dab in the middle of Mennonite country right down from their school! It’s really cool to see the kids going to school everyday! Cutest. Kids. Ever!) It’s spring here now so I also hear chainsaws and tractors.

What don’t I hear? Traffic. People. Dogs barking, Horns and sirens. Transport trucks. Construction sounds. THIS is why I live where I do. I love the not-so-quiet quiet sounds of living in the country. This truly is the life!

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