P – April 18, 2014

P is for…PANTS!!

No…not the wearable Pants: Pants as in THIS is the silly nickname my sweet Jay has been blessed/burdened with his almost entire life! Weird right?? It came about before I entered the picture: perhaps even before I was born (haha not really!) and it has stuck with him since it originated. (I hear there is a dance of some sort that is connected with the name…I have yet to see it though)  Jay is kinda…well known around here. For good reasons. He could actually be the mayor of the small community we live in: we can’t go anywhere without at least three random people that he hasn’t seen in years stopping him to chat. The other day in fact we were in a store and low and behold we hear the infamous “PANTS??? is that you man??? how have you BEEN?? I heard you brought the house and did this that and the other thing!?!?” (seriously EVERYONE knows EVERYTHING around here…kinda creepy!) Jay of course gets into a conversation with the guy and the guys poor kid just looks at me and whispers “His name is PANTS???” looking horrified at the thought, and i just say “Yup..weird eh?”

Silly nicknames tend to do that…they stick. When I was young my Dad always called me Rew…my initials spell that, and it stuck. Everyone called me Rew or Rew-bear and then…Rew-ster. Yup. It. Was Horrible. Or was it? I was always horrified when his work buddies would call me that but I think I secretly didn’t mind. Having a nickname is like a term or endearment. It makes you feel like people think enough of you to give you said silly name and then remember it. It makes you unique in some ways. Truth be told though I am SO glad that name stayed in public school however, my Dad still calls me that. Cute. High school was where the infamous “Liziabeans” came from from….I will leave the how of that a secret though :s

When my Ryleigh was a very wee tiny baby, Luke and I gave her the nickname she has now: Lamby. She was a teeny-tiny little thing with the biggest loudest SCREAM you could imagine. Then one day she turned her 3 month old head to her brother and whispered “bah-bah-bah”. Luke said “Mommy! she is a very quiet lamb!” So, Lamby it was. That was our name for her. It was special to our family. Luke and I still call her that. Jay calls her that (or Squish haha) Her Nanny and Grampy call her that still.  I will be honest though: It drives me NUTS when other people call her that. Weird. To her friends though she is Cooper or Ry-Ry: which makes me cringe but oh well…they are 9 and clearly not very creative!

Lucas was and always will be Lukey to us. Not very creative and no funny back ground…he was just a Lukey baby and thats what he called himself when he was wee and spoke ALWAYS in the third person! Wanna see him squirm?? Call him that in front of his buddies!! Ah…good times being parents to a teenager!

Here’s to silly nicknames that we can’t escape..and to Mayor Pants!! (seriously Dude…you should totally run for council!)

I hope they hang on to the memories of those silly names we gave them like we hang on to ours.


One thought on “P – April 18, 2014

  1. Oh nicknames! Mine is Cely and it’s always been Cely but I would always get a little shock when friends of my brother or sister would address me as Cely when I barely knew them. The thing was that my siblings not only call me Cely but they also use it when talking about me with other people, so those other people assume that is what they should call me. It doesn’t bother me really, it’s just a little weird.

    My Dad has a special name for each of us and it wouldn’t feel right if anyone a part from him used them.


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