N – April 16, 2014

N is for….wait for it…NUNYA!! As in NUNYA BIZNEZ! (I am soo ghetto!) A story about how I learned to use humour at work (and also to put my foot in my mouth REAL fast!).

I recall a day at work at my first real Nursing Job after graduating. I worked in a retirement home and I was in the dining room  handing out meds or some such thing. The dining room was pack with all 68 residents enjoying their lunch and I had to let a certain resident know the Dr. had just called and requested that I give her a new medication ASAP. So, I had to give it to her to take in the dining room and let her know I was doing so before I gave it to her…no big deal right? EXCEPT that…those old ladies were both NOSEY and GOSSIPY. Like they ALL were. So, I whispered it to her to keep it confidential (yay me!) and she could either choose to share the information with her table mates: or not, her choice. She chose not. Cool. EXCEPT Mrs. NOSEY Parker Number 1 sitting beside her felt she needed to know, so she asked her and Mrs. So-and-So said “Oh Dear! Don’t worry…just another pill for me to swallow to keep me looking good for the fellows!” (She was a funny old bird!!) Cool right? EXCEPT Mrs. NOSEY P #1 felt that wasn’t good enough so she asked me “Robbie (that’s what they all called me…I guess Robyn was too much??) What did you give her?” AND without even thinking I said “OH, it’s NUNYA.” and yup you guessed it!  She said “What’s that????” (looking horrified) and I said….”It’s NUNYA BIZNEZ!!!…errrrmm I mean haha..haha Funny eh? I can’t tell you I’m sorry!  It’s just like I can’t tell her what meds you take right?” THANK GOD she laughed too. And then made her own joke about how she doesn’t even know what pills she takes anyway so for all she knows she could be taking the “sexy lady pill” too. Phew! Crisis averted.

First things first: That was So so so rude..I should NOT have said that but it just slipped out I swear! Second thing: All those ladies had the BEST sense of humour EVER so they all cracked up (cause I am FUNNY!)  and Thirdly I made sure I took a minute to explain that I couldn’t say because it wasn’t my information to share and then laughed it up even more and said obviously YOUR Dr. thinks you’re hot enough so you don’t need that pill!! Then we all laughed and I got them more tea. The End.

Lessons learned:

  1. Confidentiality is SUPER hard to keep in a small home filled to the gills with people. Do your best.
  2. Nosey people don’t understand point # 1 unless it pertains to them
  3. Humour helps if you can do it out of kindness (I didn’t mean to hurt her feeling and thankfully I didn’t)
  4. Learn from your mistakes: Appologoze if you need to. Fast. I am still funny (always will be too!!) BUT I am careful with my words now, some people can’t take a joke and that is completely ok.
  5. Doctors like to call at odd-ball times with request. Learn to roll with it.

Where has humour helped you in a life/work/family situation? (intentional or not!)



2 thoughts on “N – April 16, 2014

  1. Well thankfully no one ended up being offended which is great. I probably would have good naturedly said something like “Oh, Maud(or whatever her name would be), you know better than that. I can’t tell you just like I can’t tell her what you take.” So basically what you did but without the joke. Probably because you’re funnier than me, but I have friends who make humor work wonders for them when they are put in awkward situations. I go the polite innocent route.


  2. My bestest buddy Kim and I had that same chat after: How we try so hard to just play innocent and occasionally clueless to diffuse those situations. It’s funny: I was not the class clown when I was little but for some reason now thats where my brain goes first! I have to force myself to reel it in and often come off as being overly stoic or appearing to have an overly flat affect :s


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