M – April 15, 2014

Ok first of all…sorry y’all. I was late on three posts then I had to write one for today…so I am sorry for blowing up your email with 4 posts. My total bad. I had some stuff going on and uh….well stuff is still there  and not getting any less annoying and stabby but I just had to get my self going. SO ya…here we go…my M post is….

M is for Move me!

Not move as in “move me off the couch where I have been seated for most of today under a blanket”…but move as in move me emotionally.

 To Move: to arouse or excite the feelings or passions of; affect with emotion (usually followed by to: ) Websters Dictionary

What moves me? Everything does! I am probably one of the most openly emotional people I know (also: I don’t know many people….because I am such a ball of emotions real life people tend to NOPE out  of hanging out with me!! haha kidding…sorta!). I am not a fly off the handle person (Ok…I am but when I do it’s absolutely necessary….mostly) I just wear my heart on my sleeve. I always have and even though that means it’s easy for other to see what buttons to push to get me going, I probably always will. I think it makes me honest. If you piss me off…you will know it.

I also have a tendency to cry. A lot. Over everything :s Especially things I see on TV or in movies.  Especially at Christmas. Or if someone is nice to me. Oh my…especially if there are babies or weddings. Or if someone dies. Or a TV series ends. Pretty much every movie I see…I cry.

I don’t think being emotional is bad though. I think someone being able to show their emotions is a good thing. I think in fact anyone I have known or been in a relationship with in the past that doesn’t show  or hides or has trouble with emotions…well I guess thats why they are my past.  Even the strongest, toughest people out there have emotions and the strongest ones aren’t afraid to show it…I mean some of them even cry while watching movies like The Notebook…while on a second first date! Sometimes it’s tears or just simply not being afraid to show affection to their friends and family. And to wrap this up: sometimes all it takes to move someone is the simple act of being humbled. A compliment or someone showing gratitude and appreciation for you or something you do. OR Oprah. That woman can make anyone cry: Please refer to Oceans 13 and this to see how she made Pherell cry.

So…I have to ask: What moves you? Good stuff or bad stuff?

2 thoughts on “M – April 15, 2014

  1. Great post! I am moved emotionally by beauty- in written language and in my surroundings. This is usually a pleasant experience, though sometimes it is very intense. All of my other intense emotional reactions seem to be on a time-delayer; I have an experience, and I know it will make me happy or sad or angry later… but at the time of the experience, if it is intense, I feel nothing, and I have to pretend that I am feeling something, and mimic what I will feel in time. It is weird, and I am a terrible actress, which means that I seem kind of fake under stress. Which is inconvenient.
    This only happens with intense experiences, though… and they don’t happen that often.
    Melanie Atherton Allen


    1. I do the same Melanie…Especially with my job. I am a nurse and when I have a resident pass away I shut down my emotions…or they shut down on their own. I am always feeling like I am faking my sympathy when offering comfort to families and other staff during those times and maybe not being as supportive as I should/need to be. But then as soon as I get in my car or I am home and standing in the shower I ALWAYS break down regardless of the relationship I had with the person. I keep hoping I can learn to better deal with it…but after 4 years it still happens. It is very draining. Thank you so much for sharing that with me!


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