K – April 15, 2014

K is for…Kitchen table

If this table could talk! This table is the epicentre of our home. This table has been a desk for home work, a craft table, a baking centre, a board-room table where family discussion are held (especially at report card time). This table has heard many discussions between Jay and I (good and bad). This table has been the place to lay my head  and cry after getting bad news. This table is a wrestling ring for kitties and a dumping ground for “stuff” (need to empty your pockets?? why not use the table!!!) This table is where we make memories everyday.  Every night at our house we eat dinner together as a family around the table. We chat about our day. We talk about both the good and bad things that happened during the day (Ryleigh’s favourite job is being the one to ask us to share on good and one bad thing about our day!). We talk about what we learned and what we liked and didn’t like about our day. We laugh together. We learn from each other. We take the time to enjoy each others company simply because we want to. It’s not ever a fight to get our kids to sit with us at the table…in fact they look forward to it. Occasionally we will stray from the tradition and eat in the living room on a special night (birthday, Friday night of a long weekend….random Tuesday) and watch a movie together while we eat; but we still talk. We still share…we still laugh. It’s important to Jay and I. If one of us isn’t home, the other still makes sure this happens. When my kids visit the homes of their friends they come home and tell us that we are different for this tradition. That at those homes, dinner is made and everyone just eats on their own: in their rooms, at the computer, in front of the TV, while playing a video game. To me the meaning and memories created around our kitchen table mean everything to me and someday when they are grown I know my children will be able to look back at these meals we shared: look at these memories we created, and be thankful. I love my kitchen table and mismatched chairs and my weird mismatched little family!!


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