I – April 10, 2014

I is for…I spy.

I am waiting at a coffee shop right for my kids to be done school (We live 35 minutes away so sometimes it just makes more sense to wiat in town for the school day to end rather than driving back home) enjoying a rare treat of alone time…no kids, dog, kitty’s, Skype noise or phone ringing. Do you ever take time to just “spy” on people? I don’t generally. I was blessed with permanent blinders. I am always stuck in my own world with my own worries. I miss a lot this way but thats ok. Most of what I miss is probably none of my business and I generally prefer if others would do the same! I don’t assume. I don’t generalize or stigmatize. I often appear naive because of this. Today, however, I am looking. I see groups of friends meeting for a weekly (it would seem) visit over coffee (I hope when I am retired my friends still have it together enough to meet with me!). I see business men in suits with bluetooth ear pieces and lap tops frantically typing ( maybe they are traveling business people borrowing the wi-fi signal?) I see a woman enjoying a cup of coffee and a snack alone…she doesn’t seem sad or lonely; she seems to be enjoying the peace and quiet (I can relate). I see a Grandma teaching her young granddaughter the “proper way” to drink a cup of tea! (how frigging cute!) I see a Dad and his very small son having a snack (they are going to the park after!) and watching as all the old ladies are stopping by the table to comment on his manners and his song. I see a couple rushing in for a to-go coffee – him asking her what she takes and she being surprised they take the same (the morning after end of a first date??? They look good together…I hope it works out!!!) I see a table of young-ish Mommies and their small children and babies chatting together over the sound of crying and whining (when they apologize for the noise and the wee girl asking to see my “puter” while I’m working I smile and say I’m a Mom too! It’s ok! Enjoy the noise ladies….it ends too fast) I nod and smile and I see the people nodding and smiling back at me as I acknowledge their presence and they mine when they walk past or sit at the table closest to me. I see the old gentleman who I just assisted with the door point me out to his wife who waves and calls out her thanks (she was at the hairdresser and ran a bit late). I see people coming and going saying their hellos and goodbyes  and living their lives in private: yet publicly. It’s weird what you see when you take a minute to just pay attention.

4 thoughts on “I – April 10, 2014

  1. I love people watching! Sometimes I wonder about their lives and at other times I realize how weird we actually are with our arms and legs and the way we walk. If you look long enough it can be pretty trippy.


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