G – April 8, 2013

G is for Gardening and the fact I have never in my life had the desire to partake in this activity, that is, until now. Jay and I purchased our dream home last fall. We sit on almost four acres, that includes a huge pond with an island, of gardening hell. Seriously. Pretty sure the dude that owned the place before us loved weeds and mounds of dirt and rocks. Oh, he also liked raised garden boxes built with cedar rails that stood 4 feet high and were 8 feet long. No lie there were 6 of them…filled with sand and grass. Weird.  So we tore them out (anyone need any cedar rails? I only have a bout 4 thousand feet of them!), knocked down a shed (by knocked down I mean  that literally…Jay hit it with a shovel and it fell over), got Mr. Man over with his little baby back-hoe in and moved the dirt piles from one spot to another and then it started to snow. And it snowed some more. It kept on snowing until only a week or so ago (Yay for the worst winter in Ontario history that I can recall!). We spent the winter dreaming of bonfires and barbecues and outdoor parties and hanging out in a shady spot in a hammock reading watching the duck swim in the pods and the children play in the yard! How exciting it’s going to be! And then after almost 5 months of snow and cold, it started getting warmer and melting. We were happy people. Look! Mud!! I love mud! It’s not snow! However, as the snow slowly starts to go away Jay and I are starting to remember what is under all that snow. Dirt. Muck. Mud. More dirt. Some squashy yucky crab grass and some other stuff that I swear the famers use to set a crop field to sod for a season…not grass…not soft and lush. Scratchy and itchy. We are in a gardening/landscaping HELL! So, I have done what I always do in times of need….I have turned to Pinterest for inspiration! When we take our weekly trip to the book store I sneak my way over to the outdoor life section and browse the many books and magazines there for ideas too. Instead of being discouraged at our lack of expertise in this area and just paying someone to come and make it look pretty for us, we are both more than excited to take on the challenge of prettifying our little piece of heaven all on our own. We want to do it right and do it just for us, make it a place where we feel relaxed  and can enjoy it. We don’t want it to be so elaborate that caring for our “garden” becomes a second full time job. Sure it will take us a while, probably a few summer seasons to get it right…but none the less we are so looking forward to being able to sit together and look over something we created together. (Even if it is just a muddy hill over looking our over grown pond for the next little while!)

A view of the back of our log house from "the other side" of the pond! I LOVE the Tamarak in the middle of the island!
A view of the back of our log house from “the other side” of the pond! I LOVE the Tamarak in the middle of the island!


3 thoughts on “G – April 8, 2013

  1. Something about being a home-owner seems to release the inner gardener in us I think. I distinctly remember as a teenager, TRYING to kill the grass so I didn’t have to cut it. Now I’m a lean mean weedin’ machine!


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