F – April 7, 2014

F is for Firefly*

Oh my moon and stars how I loved that show. I love it still. In fact, having to write that sentence in the past tense made me sad. I watched the series in its entirety when it first came out in 2002 while busily chasing my then 2 year old son around.  2 years later while rocking my crying little girl I watched the movie, Serenity, and loved it. It wasn’t until just recently however that my enjoyment of the show that I truly had forgotten about, turned into an all out love affair (Nathan Fillion you sir have made the top of my “Free Pass” list…don’t tell Jason but please bring your suspenders and that accent…hell bring the flowered bonnet too!) that brought me to tears when it was over. We started watching it to help pass the time when winter was supposed to leave and light the way for Spring. That didn’t happen. It stayed cold and we decided to give up on life and become hermits! So we snuggled up on the couch, surfed Netflix and came across the beauty that is and forever will be Firefly. Over the next few weeks we watched our way through the 14 episodes. I truly, literally bawled like a big, sad, candy eating baby  as we watched Serenity sail off into space during the last seconds of Objects in Space. It so happened that very day we came across a Blu-Ray copy of Serenity in Wal Mart so Jay put that on to calm me down (for at least another 119 minutes anyway!).Then it was over. No more Mal and no more Jane. Oh Wash and Book!!! And poor sweet Zoe! Kaylee and Simon and River…how will we know what became of them? The answer is simple: We won’t. The show was cancelled. There are no plans for a sequel to the movie. It’s over. All we have left are our Netflix reruns and well used Blu-Ray copies of Serenity. So so sad. Don’t worry though…we will survive. Remember…they can’t take away my Serenity.

Listen: I promise you my friends I will NEVER try to sell you on politics, religion, immunizations or flu shots, vacuum cleaners or travel insurance….I will however fully and whole heartedly tell you that if you haven’t (how could you not have) seen the epicness that is Firefly…Go. Just Go NOW. Watch it. Love it. Find Serenity and watch it next. Then cry along with the rest of the Firefly fandom; the only one (other than Harry Potter!) you will find me involved in.


*Dear Joss Whedon, Please don’t sue me. I just….I love that show man. And you. I love you for giving us, the Firefly fandom that is, something to love this much

4 thoughts on “F – April 7, 2014

  1. OMG I love(d) Firefly and Serenity too! In fact, I have been known to spend a weekend watching each disc back to back over and over. Nathan was the best. I love how he still fully supports that show too. Unlike David B where it seems he avoids anything to do with Angel.

    Great post!


    1. Haha…My fiancé is travelling for two weeks soon…that’s how I plan on spending my time…Snuggled up with Nathan lol!


  2. I’m still pissed at FOX. Because they killed it.

    I watched the show when it aired. They started with the 2nd episode. The last few episodes they showed out of order. Three never aired. And they kept yanking it around–as if they wanted it to fail.

    When we found the DVD of the series, we watched it in order (over about a week) and discovered just how bad FOX had messed it up. Sigh. They got Fringe sort of right, but Firefly they just ruined.

    Isn’t there a comic book version of the show someplace?


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