E – April 5, 2014

E is for….Education for the wee ones!

As in we gave the kids a good ol “Back in my day…” talk about film cameras! My Jay just happens to be a fantastically amazing photographer. He is one of the few who can actually say that he is classically trained in the art: and believe me, it shows in the results of his work. What is really neat, and also rare, is his love for the classic film camera. Remember those? Remember having to buy rolls of film? Remember the feeling of threading it in to the camera and the feeling of winding the camera after each picture? Remember hoping  to heaven that the pictures you were taking were going to turn out? Then having to take them into be printed (or not and ending up with 76 spent rolls of film with who-knows-what on them?) and getting them back…and how exciting it was to look at them? Totally a thing of the past. My children had no idea that it was even a thing! It was almost funny to watch Jay try so very hard to explain it to Ryleigh and watching her little brain try and decide if he was just pulling her leg or not! He showed her a camera that he used way back in the day. He showed her the holder on the bottom that holds 8 AA batteries (no rechargeable battery packs either!!) He let her look through the view finder and see that there were no flashing lights or scales guiding you with the settings. He explained that the film you chose was based on the setting you would be shooting in (No switching the ISO setting….he had to bring 2 or more cameras with him if he was shooting indoor and outdoor!) and where the film goes (and 3 times that no, there was no spot for an SD card because it didn’t use one). He showed her a negative strip and how things appear backwards in the negative and then explained why and then a brief run down of how he developed the pictures and the reasons why for some shots he prefers to develop his own. It’s pretty safe to say she was amazed. It’s also pretty safe to say that I truly didn’t realize that there was such a huge technology gap. Wasn’t it only yesterday I was buying rolls of film to take pictures of prom? Was it really that long ago that having a digital camera was for the professionals only? ( I totally remember buying my first one : a 5 mp for $500 in 2004) Oh my gosh…we just became our parents talking  to us about record players  and 8 track tapes in the car  (Ya…I got that when I was little!).

Way back-play back education is a good thing…makes us look smarter for a change!


2 thoughts on “E – April 5, 2014

  1. I remember even the disposable cameras! And looking for the 1 hour developing places to get the pictures back quicker… wow you’re right kids these days won’t really get that unless they turn into little hipsters. Weird


    1. I forgot about those! I remember my parents buying us 2 of them each to take on school trips and summer vacation! I used to have a Polaroid camera at my Dads house…I am totally going to check if it’s still there and find some film for it!


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