D- April 4, 2014

D is for…Daughters

I am one. I also have one.  I feel very blessed for both of those but more so for the fact that I am a daughter to two pretty rad people. I hope that I took  enough cues from those awesome souls to be equally as rad when it comes to parenting and growing my very own daughter. My parents were very good at letting us (us being my sisters and I) be who we wanted to be: no matter how silly or bizarre that person happened to be at the time (please see photos from 1986 buried in a closet at my Moms house!). As a result of this,  we grew into 3 amazing women who know enough about ourselves to make the right choices for us when it came  down to the type of person we wanted to be. We follow our dreams, we make our own choices , we aren’t afraid to try and gosh darnit we don’t take no guff from anyone! They did that by suggesting: not telling. The did that by giving us just enough information to get started and  letting us figure the rest out on our own no matter how frustrating that must have been to stand by and watch. They did that by letting us make mistakes: but not to the effect of standing by and watching us fail (there was no such thing as I told you so). My most sincere hope for my own daughter as we watch her grow from a little girl into a young woman is the same. I hope we  stay close enough so that whens she’ s older she will still whisper her secrets and fears to me knowing they will be safe. I hope her friends still think I am cool and funny and nice (and make good cookies and stuff!) and still beg to hang out at our little house in the woods! I hope she know that she won’t ever have to pretend to be something or someone she is not or does not want to be just to make Jay and I happy (we are already so happy with who you are baby-girl!). I hope she isn’t afraid to try-and even better that she isn’t afraid to fail because she knows we will be there to help her stand back up after. I hope she always remembers that to us her very best effort is perfection. I hope she stays true to who she is and no matter what or who (oh my moon and stars especially the who) comes along and attempts to sway her away from that, she finds the inner strength that I know is there to stand strong and stay her. Perfectly wonderful, sweet and kind, strong and brave  funny little Ryleigh xo


2 thoughts on “D- April 4, 2014

  1. Wow Lisa!! 1 daughter keeps me running (and worrying!) My hat is definitely off to you! Thanks for reading along!


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