B – April 2, 2014

B is for…The “B Side”

You remember….the side of the good ol’ cassette tape that held the “not so great” songs?  Now kids: This was before you could just flop on over to iTunes and pick and choose the songs you like for $1.29 rather than buying the whole thing to download. There was no download then. This is when the automatic fast forward button on your tape deck  could magically sense the pause between songs allowing you to skip the crappy song and move on to a better one; a happier less annoying one. This is in the time where you went into the store and bought the tape that you had been saving your allowance for weeks for because Mom and Dad wouldn’t buy it for you because all the other tapes they bought for you are sitting in a shoe box on the closet floor right now collecting dust (whatever!). This is the tape with that one song on it that had the video you watched over and over on Much Music (they played music back then believe it or not) and you just knew you were going to LOVE the whole album as much as you loved that one song that you couldn’t stop listing to or singing. Then you finally get it. You play through  the first side you start noticing as the songs go on; you like them alright -you like the tune and the lyrics, they just aren’t number one hits but they are ok. Then finally,  you hear the dreaded “click” signalling that the tape needs to be flipped over to the “B SIDE”.

Ah yes, the “B” side. It always had fewer songs. They were usually shorter and this is where the sad, slow and sappy ones were always stuck. This is where the songs that were hastily penned to fill the album to please the record label ended up. This is when you put down your Teen Beat magazine and stop oogling NKOTB (<3) and hauled your  10 year old butt off your bed and fast forwarded the thing song by song until you reached the end so you could flip the shit back to the “A” side where everything was happy and upbeat and wonderful again. Is it just me, or does life sometimes seem to have a “B Side” too that needs to be flipped back over to the “A Side”? Or is it more like a mix tape made up of all your favourite tunes and depending on the day you listen to certain ones until you get tired of them and make a new mix? I need a new mix I think: Same band, just some new songs to rock out to!

Mix Tape

4 thoughts on “B – April 2, 2014

  1. The good old cassette tape. I remember those. I even have Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on a couple of those. I have no use for them anymore except as fond memories.


  2. Oh boy do I remember these. I would save up also for weeks so I could go out and buy lover boy, meatloaf and of course the cars. I’m not giving my age away but I too have a collection somewhere packed away in my basement thanks for sharing Robyn love ya to the moon and back


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