A – April 1/14

Welcome to the first post of the  Blogging from A to Z (zed Jason…ZED)  April Challenge! The link to information about this challenge is located in my side bar on my main page: Go there after and visit some of the other bloggers blogs (umm sites?? weird).

A is for Amazing

It’s amazing how you can think you know someone deep down to their very core and then all of a sudden realize: you don’t know diddly about them…but in a good way. I mean to say you know everything about the person they are today: what makes them tick. What makes them happy, sad or angry. You know what kind of cheese to use when you make them a grill cheese sandwich (real cheddar: not Kraft slices…and no tomato soup…he’ll gag!) because they are YOUR person.  But you don’t know the person they were before they were YOUR person. Last night I met the person my person was before he was mine. I was amazed. We met and spent a very short but very meaningful time with his past family: his friends from forever ago. We watched them preform the most spectacular music show I think I will ever see in my life (no lie!) Watching him watch his friends; his family, up on that stage: Amazing. I cried. Like a lot. His smile and then the energy coming from them as they spoke and reminisced afterward over a few beers and acted as if no time had passed (even though it had been almost 2 years), was enough to cause me to tear up several times (again…also there was wine imbibed by yours truly. Just sayin).  It was amazing.  Seeing the similarities these friends/brothers share and the strength and spirt they gave to one another simply by being together: Ah-MAZ-ING!!! You want to be amazed?   Do that. Meet the good people from your persons past.  Let them become your people too. Be amazed.

6 thoughts on “A – April 1/14

  1. Truly beautiful. I wish I could meet someone like that one day and be with someone like that ^^. Best of wishes and luck to you and keep being amazing ❤


    1. Thank you Sally! I hope you find your person someday soon! They are out there and will show up when you least expect it!


  2. I never thought about it like that, but such a great point! My person moved around the world for me and rarely gets to see his family and friends from before, but I love the person I get to see when we get to visit someone from his past. And you’re right, that is a side to him I never knew before. I’m looking forward to the rest of your A-Z posts.


  3. I know how that feels. It really is an amazing feeling. It works the other way around as well. Because I move around a lot I have to leave friends behind, but when I see them again, and they are the ones worth keeping, it’s equally amazing, you see the new person they’ve become. They are different but the same as well.


  4. Hi Abby – that era before us .. but it’s good – I see my father in my brothers, not being married I can’t do that part .. and I know my mother and father are in me …

    Lovely A for amazing .. cheers and enjoy the A-Z – I’ve come over to welcome you from Tina’s – she’s a co-host and I’m one of her minions …

    All the best and I hope you can meet lots of new blogging friends .. and people who know about Pinning – something I don’t .. cheers Hilary


    1. Thank you Hilary! I too hope to continue to meet new friends throughout this month long adventure! This challenge is so much fun! 🙂 Robyn


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