Flickr is still a thing

So Flickr…It’s a thing still! Remember when it was first a thing and it was all sucky and hard to use and NO one used Flickr except for the day they created their Flickr account?? Well NOT ANYMORE!!! Apparently it’s a cool thing now!  It’s super easy to use AND it looks awesome AND there are like a million zillion way amazing things to see there now!! Man I need to get out more…or maybe I need to get out less and spend more time here on the internet where it’s safe!?!? hmmm.
Anyway….I have a Flickr account now! Yay! I just wasted like an hour looking at some crazy awesome photos there Surprisingly there were not a lot of cat photos and THANK GOD I didn’t come across even one lovely shot with a stupid quote on it!! Just beautiful photos!. I am now inspired!

I am working hard (with Jays patient  and kind-caring guidance) to learn the “tricks of basic photography”. I don’t want to do anything more than just be able to take pictures for my own thing. Let me tell you my friends there is nothing more intimidating than living with a classically trained (and God Damn BRILLIANTLY talented) Photographer. One of the most common phrases you will here in this house is: “JAY!! O-M-G…go take a picture of that!! HURRY!!!!” which he always does …but I always was/am finding myself wishing I could take the great shots  myself and not feel all silly. So I asked (well I demanded…let’s be honest) him one day to show ME how to be a big brave girl and turn that scary dial on the camera to “M” which the of course resulted in words like “aperture” and “shutter speed” and “ISO” being thrown at me and how they all need to work together and my face went :s !!! Eventually I started to get it…it was like learning to take a manual BP in school: At first you’re like :s then all of a sudden you’re like! 😮 OMG I GET ITT!! I realized this for sure the other day when I was taking some pictures for some upcoming posts and had the camera set up on the tri-pod (it seems I like taking still frame shots and learning about Macro photography!). A  kitty-cat walked under my set up and sat down so I took a shot of her that was way too dark , so I quickly adjusted my settings and took another and it turned out kinda great! I was pretty darn proud of myself for that one! Well not so much the picture of the Kitty-cat because Lord know we don’t need anymore of those: but of the fact that I was able to make the adjustments without having to think about it. Isn’t it great when a plan comes together??

So here is the link to my Flickr account: My Flickr Follow along…make your own account and I can follow you back! Lets see what I can do with this (cause you know: I totally need MORE things to do!). I am kinda excited to see if I actually can improve this little skill and not have to feel the need to ask someone else to take a picture for me!  It’s a good thing I have so many beautiful things to look at around here to practice!

Happy Shooting!




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