So nice of you to join me over here!! Isn’t it PRETTY???! Tell me…is the purple purple enough? Are the words squiggily enough?? Are you comfortable? Thirsty? I have wine! Hungry?? Me too…get me something will you? Are we good? Great! Lets begin!

This is the official post numero uno on the “new site” and I can’t even begin to tell you how excited (and confused…I keep messing up and having to ask Jay to tell me again for the 5th time what size to make the pictures) I am to be here. It feels really amazing to see something that I have wanted from day one finally come to life! I couldn’t have done this without Jay doing most (all) of the work. Not gonna lie here y’all the man is a genius when it come to this technical stuff (and others things too: like spelling and knowing stupid useless fact about bands that were popular when I was like 3..anyway…) When I set up the “old blog” I had visions for what I wanted to do but sure did not have the faintest idea how to make it happen,  so I just farted around with the out of the box and free templates on the hosted site until I found something that suited my purpose and just went with it.

Funny thing is: thats what I seem to have done with a lot of things in life. Just rolled with it. Deal with what it is, even if it feels not quite right, and just let it roll. Until I finally just got fed up enough at settling with the “less than perfect parts” and I said “nuh-uh no more!! I deserve perfect gosh darnit and I will have it!!” even if my perfect isn’t what someone else thinks it should be.  I decide that if life wouldn’t give it to me, I would  just go ahead and create my own version of perfect and that’s just what I started to do. That’s really what HappilySometimesAfter is  all about… It’s about me accepting life for what it is; except when it’s not enough, and then making it what I need it to be.

What do I need? I need to be happy. I need to be loved. I need to feel at the end of every single day that I was; a good person, a good Mom, a good partner for Jay and that I did what I could to make the world a nicer place to live in for as many people as I could (even if that just meant saying thank-you to cashier at the store or saying hello to a kind looking stranger on the street) I need to know that I made a point to take time…just a moment even,  just for me to quietly reflect on my day and remember what it is that makes me need and want all of those things and most importantly, what it is I need to do to continue to be all of those things. HappilySometimesAfter for me is a place to do that. I choose to share these ruminations and ramblings here because for me saying out loud or writing it down for others to read is a way for me to commit to continue doing this for myself and for my family.

So, again, Welcome! Welcome to my journey! Welcome to my peace of mind! It might get sad at times and messy and shouty (hopefully not too sweary…but it might let’s be real here people!). It might get sappy and corny but it will also get funny and silly and joyful. I know have said this before… but life is funny sometimes! and the truth is? I love nothing more than finding the funny parts of life and sharing them here!

Now go grab a glass of wine and drink up! Life is WAY funnier for some reason when you have wine in hand! (is funnier even a word?? )


~ Robyn 🙂

2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Hey Robyn! I just wanted to say that I really enjoy reading your writing no matter what it may be. I look forward to all this new site will offer for you and also great first post!


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