It’s Happening!

No…we have not set a wedding date (that will come soon) and I am not knocked up (thank you baby Jesus and the Dr. way back in the day who figured out tubal ligation that I can sleep in when I want and never have to check the back of my sweater for baby puke ever again!!!!)…my new blog is ALMOST ready to go! I know…New blog? REALLY Robyn??? You already have a blog…in fact this is your blog. THIS is where we like to be…it’s fun here and safe and sweary! We like sweary places 😦   Have no fear avid readers! I am not going anywhere far at all. I’ll just be over there…just a scootch to the right where everything is just a little safer and a whole heck of a  lot easier!! I promise it will be fun. I promise it won’t hurt and you don’t even need a secret password to come in and play! I have lot’s of things to say and really exciting blogging adventure underway in a few short weeks! Life has been changing fast furiously over here in The Cabin by the Pond and I can’t wait to share it with you!  I will post the detail as soon as I’m ready to launch…just a little more fussing and fluffing and she’ll be ready to go 🙂 So… will you come along for the ride? I hope so!!

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