Just Be Nice

Be a Nice Human
Be a Nice Human

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! How simple??? Just. Be. Nice. The End. It is so much so The End  I could totally stop here…but I won’t. Of course I won’t!

For reals? How much more lovely would the world be if everyone was just nice to each other? No, I am not talking about finding world peace (I would love to y’all…but my apple pie in the sky hope just aren’t there yet!)
I am talking about everyday situations and interactions with people. In the store. At work. In your personal life (ohhh especially my personal life!). If everyone just took a few seconds to take a breath…just  long enough to think about the words about to come out of your mouth (or onto your computer screen) and think about the effect they are going to have on the person or people or the situation, and then maybe just rephrase or refrain if necessary (please refrain). If we all just started to do that THINK of all the feelings that wouldn’t be hurt or the anger that would never start or all the time you would save not worrying about everyone else because you were just nice. We don’t all have to love each other in this world…I don’t want to do that it sounds EXHAUSTING!! We do however have no choice but to coexist on this little rock we call earth, I just think it would be better if we all just made an effort to change this all out bitch-fest of a generation we have done gone and made for ourselves with our over use of social media and lack of face to face interaction it would just be so NICE 🙂

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