From the mouths of the babe…

Ryleigh: “JESUS LUKE!!! Move your chair I almost fell!!!”

Me: Ryleigh thats a bad word don’t say it.

Ryleigh: “I’m pretty sure Jesus would NOT want me to fall down either”


Ryleigh telling a story about a lady who got hit by a car “She WAS paralyzed and twitching on the ground and bawling her HEAD off!!!”

Kim: “How old was she?”

Ryleigh: “ummmm I would say she was….81”


Me: “So what did you have for supper?”

Ryleigh: It was this gross hotdog thing from Beach Burger.”

Me: “HotDog thing??”  (slightly horrified!)

Ryleigh: “It was an ACTUAL hotdog; but it was so gross it shouldn’t be called a hotdog. And it shouldn’t be called Beach Burger it should be called We make gross hotdogs. Dot Com.”


Ryleigh wearing her fake glasses from Despicable Me 2 “Mom!! Look I am one of the Dominicans!!! I am a FREAK!!”

Me “!!!…”


Ryleigh playing Wii Golf with Luke “This game is ridiculous. Seriously. Who wants to hit a ball with a stick a darn day long!!!”


Ryleigh chasing the cat: “CAT CAT COME HERE…LOVE ME  BACK DAMMIT!!!!”


Ryleigh looking at Adah fighting with the cats “These pets need to watch Hair Spray. The obviously don’t understand segregation ended at least 5 years ago when the movie was made”

Me: Ryleigh that movie was actually made about the 60’s when Papa and Nanny and Grampy were kids.”

Ryleigh:” Huh. Zac Effron looks really good for his age compared to Grampy and Papa.”


Me: ” Jason is leaving Boca this week and will be home by the end of the week :)”

Ryleigh: “I am going to call the border and tell them to not let him in Canada without good presents”

Me: “Thats kinda selfish don’t you think?”

Ryleigh: “No. He can buy the border workers presents too.”


Ryleigh and Luke singing “Lonely…I am so lonely…don’t got no body…or a nose”

Me: “those aren’t the words you know!”

Ryleigh: “its about he who must not be named mother!”


She’s been home for less than 3 hours and my sides hurt from laughing 🙂 Man I love these kids! Image

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