68 days or 1632 hours. 67 lonely nights. Countless forgotten sad dreams. 10 weekends filled with mindless busy-ness just to keep myself from going insane.  So far….I have survived…barely. I hope you know almost everything around here has changed: yet somehow has still managed to remain the same – in that I am lazy and all the crap at the top of the stairs that I said I would put away is still there! Or perhaps it’s that while the children have grown taller and more mature in your absence we are all in fact still sitting here right where you lef us. Waiting for you to come back so we can pick where we all left off…wherever that was. I guess it’s hard to explain though, I guess you’ll have to see for yourself when you get home: in 19 days or 456 hours (give or take of course). I am at the point where I am having to remind myself thats its only 14 more days of leaving for work without a hug goodbye and 3 more soccer games that I have to cheer on the girl alone. Just a few more trips home from the grocery lugging the bags up the steps by myself.I know you have been going through the same mental torture down there Sir. I am not going through this alone…we are going through this together: 2477 kilometers apart (which is 23 hours and 56 minutes in driving time or, if your feeling spunky, a short 471 hour long walk…HOLY SHIT SNACKS!! if you leave now your would be home right on time!! giddy up Sir!!)  I can do this…we can do this…we can totally get through this. I promise I will pack my crazy away, as per your request, before you get here. Don’t forget to find your lost sense of HA-HA on the way home….maybe you forget this but you’ll need it around here. I’ll see you when I see you sir. xoxo


ps….if you say “SOON”  to me one more time I am going to flick you in the throat as soon as I see you.

And also this “I don’t let people take my picture” crap isn’t gonna fly anymore. Prepare for pictures of or wonderful little life to happen everyday….that shit is epic and needs to be cataloged for when were are old and crazy…think Noah and Allie but with pictures! ❤

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