To my daughter

Hey there my Little Angel!

I want you to know how very proud you make me! Last night you were FANTASTIC!! You performed like a star and you looked so beautiful. It was easy to see how much fun you were having from the smile on your face. And my goodness – 2 trophies!! How excited were you? But you know what?? YOU make me proud every single day. The way you face this wacky world with a smile. The way you care so deeply for everyone and everything. The way you bravely face every challenge offered to you with courage and dignity. The way you can find humor in everything and laugh your way through anything. The way you aren’t afraid to try even though trying sometimes mean failure. But wait…please don’t let that fact deter you little one! Failure is isn’t bad. It’s through failing that were learn. Amazing as you are sweetie, someday that just might happen and I am sorry. I wish I could make it so everything is always perfect and happy for you. I wish I could protect you from the bad things that may come in life: from the sad days that will seem overwhelming, from the scary thoughts that might keep you awake at night…but I can’t.  All I can do is help you to know that good people, people like us, always come out ahead. The people who don’t try but expect instead, the people who act mean and nasty because it seems easier, the people who lay blame because they can’t accept the truth: they can’t win. Remember baby girl: it takes love to get love. It takes honesty to be able to see the truth. It takes empathy to care. It takes the ability to show respect to deserve it. I promised you my sweetheart that we would get through this and get through it we will. I promise you that no matter what I will always be there for you. When you said to me that this is home because it feel like family here…you were right. Wherever we go we will always be family and we will always be there to guide you and love you and cheer you on. Thank you for trusting me enough to be able to share your thoughts and fears with me. Thank you for feeling safe enough in my arms  that you know it’s ok to cry and be sad sometimes. Thank you for always letting me be the keeper of your secrets. Thank you for always whispering your dreams to me early in the morning. Most importantly Ryleigh….Thank you for being my daughter. I have loved you since before I knew you and I will love you forever little one.


love Mama ❤

This is love
This is love

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