Ohana means family!

Well…here we are! 0545 on moving day. Everything, and I mean everything is packed (I swear I put some clean socks SOMEWHERE!!!!??). I even got so carried away that I dismantled bed yesterday, then remembered we still need to sleep one more night :s yay for a camp out in the living room!
Here’s the thing: I woke up this morning expecting to be so excited and found myself instead feeling anxious and nervous and sad, while also feeling so glad that FINALLY today is here.
I am anxious about time frames not adding up ( moving company Moving your stuff + OCD me: perhaps not the best mix).
I feel sad because, well….i am about to move out of my childhood home (again…i promise not to come back with another kid neighbourhood! This time its real!) and leaving the safety of Daddy’s home is a little harder that I anticipated. He has been my rock (and often a huge pain in my ass as I am positive I have been for him!) but none the less…he’s been there for me always. When I fell, he picked me up. I promise daddy, I am not going to fall again. I actually listened this time and thought with my head before my heart. We are going to be ok! This is the last name on the rusty shed shovel…good thing cause we ate running out of room!
But why am I nervous? Not because I am scared. Not at all. I think it’s because we are making/have made a huge decision to make this move, with no regrets please don’t think that, and now we have to all learn to play nicely and share our toys and get along and move together in sync….there is no going home when I get cranky. (I get very cranky…I am an ass!) We both have to learn to bend just a little and be flexible in areas of our lives that up until now didn’t matter. Essentially, I have to learn that life doesn’t need to be scheduled to the very minute anymore because its not just me, I have someone to lean on now….someone is is willing and able and wanting to be there for me. WHOA! That’s weird!! I have to learn to CALM THE HECK DOWN MISS. WILSON!!! Who knows? Maybe I might get to sit and see and enjoy a few sunsets and be great full for the beauty they hold, instead of cursing the days end for coming too quickly when there is still so much left to do. He needs to learn that when there is more than just you to worry about you have to learn to make plan and a schedule sometime to make things happen as they should…not always, just sometimes for somethings. The kids need to learn…or maybe just be reminded since it has been forever…well actually it has been never, that family means forever. Family is there for you through good times and bad. Family doesn’t walk away or give up when things get rough…they try harder. When someone says “I need a break…just give my some space” it doesn’t mean the end, that’s it! I am done…it just means we need a second. To breathe, to think, to take sometime to evaluate the situation and figure out how to make it work. We don’t run away, we don’t give up because its easier. we play nice and share the sandbox (and the bathroom jason!!) and work as a team. this is not a game of tug of war…we are all on the same team now. They need to know that Ohana means family; and family is forever after all!
We can do this, I know we can. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger right? So here we go! Hold on to you hats Wilson/Cooper/Gateman family the ride has just begun! It might be bumpy and scary and move too quickly at times, but I promise you my loves…it’s going to be worth it.
Happy first day of forever! I love you all to the moon and back xox

One thought on “Ohana means family!

  1. Well here we go again for the third attempt. We will see if I am successful this time. I just want to say I am so happy for all four of you. It will not be easy but I know you will all learn to live with this new adventure and embrace every step of the way. Your children will now have a very positive new addition to your little family and he will be great at it. Moving two households what a nightmare what so we keep what so we throw away and what do we need to buy oh my lol I wish you all the best my friend you deserve every bit of happiness It has been a long road of many ups, downs and heartbreak it is not easy being a single mom we learn to live alone and make due with what we have. We have chose to rise above an have conquered the worst. Living as a couple will deff hae it’s ups and downs. You will see each others quirks and what truly makes each other tick. And you may even say what the hell am I doing but sit back and know you HAVE done good you will have to learn that now you have someone you can truly lean on and know hey they do give a shit and won’t run away. I can only say it could not have happened to nicer person I have known you for such a short time but I feel I have known u forever I love u with all I have and want you to only be happy. Take each day as if it were the first day. Get up put both feet on the ground and know you have someone who truly cares and loves you and wants to be on this journey with you. Life is funny we sit and think and see other couples holding hands sharing conversations and wish it was us well think no more you now have it don’t be scared be happy gf u deserve it all. Don’t hurt or break my girl or ill hunt u down haha I know it won’t happen gf I have faith interwoven of you. Just make sure I’m included in the wedding yeah I know slow the f down My wish to you and your new found happiness is to always be happy I promise to be there for you and your family I love you guys



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