How do you say goodbye without actually saying goodbye?

I can’t do it. It’s too hard. I am scared and sad…almost to the point of devastation about what is about to transpire. I just got you here and now the time has come for you to go. I know…you told me from the start this would have to happen and I said I could handle it. But then again; so did you! We aren’t handling this very well at all are we? This is actually rather nuts!! How the hell did this all get so crazy insane all at once? Moving two houses into one on the same day you book it for good ol’ Boca Raton?? (btw fuuuuuck you and your “warm climate” sir!) Making a “family” from the mess I created and expecting it to be all easy peasy lemon squeezy – no fuss no muss? And our jobs…JESUS! Way to go us! We have two of the most stressful careers out there and yet we expect that the timelines and “workdays” (that often run into evenings, overnights and weekends) would be able to coincide in peace! HA that is hilarious  What the eff is wrong with us?? What were we thinking??Oh. Riiiight. Love. THATS the ticket right there. I love you. You love me. My kids??? Kinda obvious they love you too and they know you love them right back just as hard as just as forever. I guess thats why we do this. Thats why this is going to work out and be ok. It’s gonna be rough. I am not going to lie and pretend I am not more than a little cheesed about having to be the forman in this shit show thats going down this weekend…but I can do it. I just don’t want to! (poor me right? )I also gotta say that I know baby…while I sit here and complain about the things I have to do, I know that it’s not easy at all for you either. You are the one that has to leave us. You have to be away…I have to change my address and make breakfast in a different kitchen (a FABULOUS kitchen by the way…seriously….its kicks ass!) but you have to go. You have to give up your perfection of peace and tranquility in the country and move because of us and our/my need for space and privacy (and also no dusty creepy crawly stingyness) You have to live out of suitcases and bags for an obscene amount of time because of your job…which you are simply amazing at. You have to be away from us and miss out on the giggley snuggles from a certain little Lamb. You will miss out on helping a certain young fella deal with life for a bit, which you have done such a wonderful job at. He wants to make you proud! You won’t get to see the Gateman/Wilson Circus Extravaganza preform everyday when sometimes thats the only thing we have to smile about. You have to come home to a place thats not yours that we will have made our mark on (I promise no peeing on the floor!) and then fit in around us. Please don’t be scared. Its going to be ok. Honestly truly sir…there is no longer an “us” without you. Home won’t happen until you are back here with us. All our bags are packed (almost) and we’re ready to go baby. We will be waiting right here when you get back. So no good-bye okay? Only see you soon and talk to you sooner. A quick hug…with as few tears as possible. The quicker we do it the quicker it will be over. Just remember Jay, I love you sir, more than you could ever imagine….forever and a day.

love always,

robyn ❤ xoxo

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