I’m hooked on a feeling….

Well several feelings actually. Those being: 1) The itchiness of a healing nose ring. Not pleasant(by the way, if you ever want to know what a punch in the face feels like…get your nose pierced ) . 2) The awful feeling of my super dry hands from obsessive use of hand sanitizer and Lysol Cleaning Wipes: annoying. 3) The snugly feeling from my puppy sleeping beside me on the couch: so cute! and 4) this ridiculous/awkward/giddy feeling in the pit of my stomach I have right now and have since I got home last night…well early this morning anyway that I don’t want to stop feeling. Like ever (ohhh channeling a little T-Swift there!) .

Listen first dates are ALWAYS supposed to be uncomfortable. No matter what they just are…no matter how you meet or how long you have known each other the first time you force yourself into a situation where it’s just the two of you…one on one with no one else to jump in and force conversation or add distraction: AWKWARDNESS can and will happen. But what do you do when the awkward silences you anticipate just don’t happen? How do you react when you are expecting awkward, but instead get this amazing feeling of comfort; like you have known this person for years rather than only weeks? When this person is everything you wished for…polite, kind, caring, chivalrous (oh ya…doors were held, flowers were given, compliments that made me blush like a retard were said), smart, creative, well spoken and so so many more things…what does that mean? Is hell freezing over? I am being punked right now? Like did someone read my thoughts and my 14-year-old self’s diary and pay this person to act just perfect to trick me?? OR is it just that what everyone has been saying to me forever is true: It will happen for you too. There is someone out there for everyone. Everyone has a “person” and somehow, somewhere you will meet. But I guess once you do, it’s up to you to do the rest. I just hope I know what to do :s

Hold on to your horses everyone…we’re either in for a bumpy ride or a smooth sail here. I just hope I remembered to bring my life jacket because I am not sure I remember how to swim but I’m not going down without a fight :))

Shaky hands and sleepy eyes took this picture! Thanks J !Here's to the start of "something" xo
Shaky hands and sleepy eyes took this picture!  My beautiful flowers in their place of honor…on my desk! Thanks J! Here’s to the start of “something”  xo ❤ Laters HA!

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