Cleaning out my life… and admitting my problem.

SO I read a post (on Pinterest of course!) about how to “clean out your life by cleaning out your house” Basically, you commit to getting rid of one bag of “stuff” a week for 40 weeks. Get rid meaning toss or donate. I have been at this for a few months now and I have to say following this regime truly has “lightened things up” a bit around here. I started in the most obviously “in need” areas of the house: The play room, the kids room, the laundry room, the “junk drawers (yes, I said drawers…bah!) in the kitchen and on and on. I had trouble at first deciding what to keep and what not to keep.But let me tell you ,after wasting a few precious hours of my weekend debating over the merits of keeping a basket full of teddy bears that were given to us second hand by I can’t even remember who, just because Ryleigh was so cute when she was that age, I LOST it!! I legit got pissed off at myself for beng so hoarder-esc and started chucking things out left right and centre! My mantra became “If I haven’t seen you play with it, wear it, use it or read it in the last 2 months, it was GONE! I have donated pretty much an entire kitchen full of dishes and stuff to a local company that donates “stuff” to families in need (not for profit of course!) I sold basket upon basket of kids clothing via facebook (then used the money to re-new their wardrobes…I am not selfish!) I sadly though probably took a day or two of of the viability of our earth with the amount of just plain crap that has been lying around this house since Jesus lived here that I threw in the trash! I still have some work to do, and honestly to look at the place you can’t even tell, but the fact that the closets are tidy and orderly again, the drawers are clean and I am no longer afraid to stick my hand for fear if requiring a tetanus booster afterwards life certainly seems that much easier…which is after all exactly what the doctor ordered!

OK….my admission now. I have a shoe problem of sorts. AS in I own many pairs of shoes. So many in fact I can’t tell you off hand the number…I would guess around 25 (or 30). My mantra did not nor will it ever apply to shoes. I would also say its safe to assume that at least 7 …probably more like 10, of those are running shoes (and one look at my ass it’s plain to see I don’t run anywhere but to the store for more cake!) So ya. The reason I feel the need to share this RIGHT now is that I opened my big yap trying to prove a point (seriously dude…you just HAD to write more than me?? LOL :)) and now I have this insane urge to find all my shoes (ya, I have them all over the place since there is no one spot big enough to keep them) and count them and line them up…so now you know what I will be doing tonight! (My life is AWESOME!! )

And I just have to say..I started posting again after a little break, on a dare or a bet or whatever…and it really feels great! I have missed this. Even if I am writing about nothing at all…the process of sitting and just writing is just the escape I seem to need. Life is great but crazy as ever, and being reminded of the great feeling that comes with each post was the best gift I have received in awhile. So thank you. And here’s to hoping that this post war is the start of something great!I think this crazy world just may have thrown something pretty great at my head! Funny that! Later(s) :)) <—

Cheers :))
Cheers :))

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