Guess What I get to learn about??? (not a real post! I need some help)

OH emm gee!!

So in my psyc class I am learning about relationships and codependency and all that fun stuff, so naturally the next step is to learn about Sexual Sadomasochism of course! Y’all know how I feel about that stupid 50 Shades book and now, learning what I have so far…I hate it even more! HA ha. Way to wreck something good author lady! sheesh! (kidding!..maybe…)

Also I have the option of examining the way that online dating sites has affected the way employed professionals meet and begin lasting relationships. Its interesting to look at the stats comparing the professions of individuals to the way they met their partner (online, at work, socially) It also looks at the number of people who were involved in a relationship at the time of meeting their current partner (thus the previous relationship ending due to infidelity) and the industry they were working in at the time. Pretty interesting stuff (long story short, people in factories need more to do!!)

Anyone have any personal experience with online dating or a story on how you met your current partner while working/parenting/ and or furthering your education you would share with me for a paper I have to write? I would also like to know what your opinion is about online dating? Would you ever conceder it? If you did, how comfortable would you feel telling people you met your partner online? When you hear someone met their partner that way or is using a dating site,  what’s your initial though? I promise I won’t use your name or share you story with anyone (except my dog but only if it’s a good story!) I have already gathered some data from people who have used the “free” dating sites, but only one success story from an accredited (paid) site. I had the guts, and even looked at a few of the sites just to see what  they involve, sign up process, cost, length of time to complete, safety and security  (but I swear to Jesus Lord in Heaven about if I see one more icky penis picture on the free to use sites I am going to cry!)

If you can help I would love you forever (if you can’t I am going to email you all the icky penis’s I find!! mwah ha ha) you can email me at or just leave a comment below! (also if you spam my email account I will send you poisonous snakes in the mail that will bite you in the face…I have trust issues. Deal with it!) I appreciate any insight you have!

OH and also just so we are all being honest and on the same page: at this point I am  not sure how I  would feel about meeting someone online. I think would be very afraid to meet them for the first time (I have never been on a blind date before) and anyone I have dated before has always been introduced to me by a friend or I have met them through work, so I knew then ahead of time.  But I don’t think I would be embarrased to tell people I met someone online because it’s very hard to meet people otherwise. I work in an industry that is mainly female employees, my free time is spent at the gym lately (I am soo not a pretty worker outter so no chance there!) or with kids activities so the people I meet there are mostly in relationships, and in the town I live in everyone knows everyone and has dated everyone I know, so it’s hard. I guess it’s hard for me to say for certain though, only because at this point I am not really at the “looking” stage yet, I am rolling with the if I meet someone I meet someone perspective right now!


2 thoughts on “Guess What I get to learn about??? (not a real post! I need some help)

  1. Hi Robyn, Long time no see!

    I am involved with a guy that I met on a paid site – the same site that my sisters met their partners. One of them has been married to her partner for about 7 years, and the other has been with her partner for about the same lenght of time, and living together for the last 4 (they are so well matched – neither one of them has any interest in getting married – lol). I’m happy to help you if I can. I may even be able to convince my sisters.

    I’m hoping that my relationship works out. If it does, I’m going to contact the site. I bet we could get a commercial out of this! 3 sisters, and all of us met our mates on the same site!


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