Things about me.

1. I am always cold. Always. Even in the summer I am cold. It sucks.

2. I think dogs are people too. If I had the power I would grant them the right to vote.

3. On the toilet seat debate: I feel that it is the responsibility of everyone to close the lid. No one wants to touch it. Just close the lid before you flush and wash your hands. Jesus and germs are everywhere y’all.

4. I own both the Twilight and 50 Shades series. I couldn’t read 50 though. It made me feel icky. I will probably watch the movie because everyone loves porn. True story.

5. My kids are freaks because I am a freak. I am proud of that.

6. My gramma swears I am 1/16th native. I think it’s my left ankle bone but I am not sure.

7. I lived in Wawa as a kid. Because of this I say packsack and fly dope, and camp is where you go hunting – a cottage is where you go to relax. That thing with the tents and the sleeping on the ground is called campING y’all. Get it right.

7. I don’t like camping. Refer to number 1. Also there are bugs. I hate bugs.

This is how I camp 🙂

That’s all for now 🙂 swimming lessons are boring.

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