I rock as a parent…

Really I do rock as a parent! My kids may not agree but they are kids, and kids aren’t allowed to have opinions until they are old enough to vote. So there.

Listen, I do everything for my kids…I would give my life for them (I already gave up small hips, nice boobs and smooth skin for sobbing out loud what more is there??). The only thing I ask in return is a little respect. I honestly don’t even care right now about appreciation, I know that will come with age and maturity and I am doing an awesome job teaching them about life. So, I know they will understand and be great-full for the lives they had. They will look back and say, ya know what? ya we struggled sometimes and it was kinda shitty being from a single-parent family and, sure Mama worked a lot, and for a lot of years she watched us play, laugh and grow over the top of a text book; but we were always happy and supported and fed and clothed and we always knew what love was and that we were loved! Our childhood rocked!

They will also be very aware however, not to mess with Mama Bear. For serious. I mean what I say and I say what I mean. Do as I say NOT as I do and I promise I will always explain why and set good examples (and fuck you!! You’re a kid! That’s why!! may come in to play occasionally but whateves!) Point is, you get one chance kids. Ain’t nobody around here got time for more than that. You try and play games with me…I will ALWAYS win. Even when you are taller than me which, lets be honest, in Ryleighs case could be as soon as next week!

May I present to y’all exhibit A (of which I am sure over the years there will be many more examples of)Image

Ya…I am awesome. 🙂

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