What the EFFFFFF??

Ok here’s the deal. Pretty sure we have been hacked y’all. Not cool. Either that or someone tried to hack us but seriously fucked up with their sad ass attempt to hack us. Bastards!! I suggest we all grab our pitch forks and torches and hunt them down!!

But seriously…I am working hard right now to fix what they did (although thats hard because I am not really sure WHAT they did or how to fix it. I MAY have to suspend my blog for a while until I figure this out. So if that happens don’t worry!! I didn’t run off with Morgan Spurlock to Mexico to start my new life (unless I do run off with him…but I would totally tell you if that happens!!)

I love you all and appreciate your support and guidance! (except for Hacky Pants McGee. I hate you.)


Robyn xoxo

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