Feeling fine!! I don’t have a brain tumor (possibly)

I have spent the last couple of days taking the steps to prepare for school in January. Those being transferring a ridiculous amount of money to the University to cover my tuition, applying for OSAP…so filling out a zillion form to prove my identity and once again prove my children exist! And then selecting my courses for my first study period with the help of an advisor from the university. Wanna guess how much fun that wasn’t?? Grrr.

As I write this I am actually on hold…again…waiting for someone to pick up my call (no worries I have just heard I am number 17 in the que! Awesome!) so I can explain to them AGAIN that an RPN in Ontario is, in fact the same as a LPN in Alberta. Truly the difference is one letter and that is it! And I am still waiting fr someone to explain to me the merit of taking an English Lit Course for a degree in Human Services? For reals y’all I love Shakespeare as much as the next guy, but the chance that I will need to bring his theory and meanings into my practice are slim to fucking nil! Just sayin. Oh well at least they aren’t making me take math cause that would suck for sure!

I am still rocking this crazy like it’s nobody’s business but the good news is my doctor informed me I don’t look or sound like quite as much of a freak show (his words I swear!) as I did last month! Ahhh meds are a wonderful thing! The thought of going back to work scared me though. I don’t know if it was a fear of working again or just fear based on the experience I had at my job? I asked him that and he said it’s really positive that I am able to examine my panic like that! To which I replied, Thanks, but that that wasn’t really a answer to my question and then he said WOW, nothing gets by you! (I love that man!)

OH and also he informed me that I most certainly do NOT in fact have a brain tumor and not to Google my symptoms or I would end up with one. Did you know the internet causes cancer? Ok, he actually said based on your blood work results you may (which means you definitely do) have an issue (your going to die immediately) with your thyroid and parathyroid so we are going to do some more tests but it’s not critical so it may be a few weeks (we actually want you to die to save us the trouble and cost of completing said tests) and don’t go home and Google your symptoms because you will end up on WebMD and convince yourself you have a brain tumor or something silly like that, and you DON’T HAVE A BRAIN TUMOR because your thyroid in in your neck not your brain (which means you actually probably do have one and this conversation is a waste of time you should be actually be upping your life insurance right now!!) So I decided that I am not going to freak out or anything because like he said, it’s nothing to worry about (I am possibly freaking out a little but but my meds are so good that I can’t tell).
and yes, yes I am STILL on hold but there are only 3 call ahead now!

3 thoughts on “Feeling fine!! I don’t have a brain tumor (possibly)

  1. And I know my spelling is atrocious. I will edit this later. Maybe…or I might just drink some wine and forget about it. That actually sounds exactly like what will happen.


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