Thank You

Obviously after my last post I have been a little nervous about the response I would receive barfing my emotional history all over the internet for all to read, including the people who were directly involved (aside from myself). I am so amazed at the messages I have received from my friends and family full of encouragement, support, and a more than a few Way To Go’s (thanks bitches..I loves ya!)

I admit that posting that felt wonderful. After I wrote it, my cursor hovered over the upload button for a few shaky panic filled seconds before I finally just said FUCK IT! and hit the button. I decided at that moment that this was not the end, but the beginning of something wonderful and I can’t wait to see what it is. I have been emboldened with a sense of confidence and it feels great! Never again will I worry about what those who don’t matter think. From now on I promise to think with my brain before my heart because I think my heart needs a little bit more protection than I have given it in the past (not talking about the cheese and ham filled delicious chicken I ate for dinner!).

Aside from the help of my close friends and family I have  found a sort of peace browsing other blogs on WordPress. Reading (sometimes crying) my way through other peoples struggles of pain, loss and rejection has helped me feel less alone. I have found comfort and a sense of camaraderie in the beautifully written words of some wonderfully strong women: some who have been dealing with these feeling for sometime and some who are at the very beginning of their struggle.  I want to thank these faceless wonder women of the internet for sharing your stories with me. For helping me and countless others feel less alone and less afraid.  I know my journey is far from over, but the view from where I am right now is magnificent! I am so happy that you are all here with me for the ride through the rest of this beautiful thing we call life.

life is a beautiful struggle

xoxo JV JL KB MM SA SS CC JH EL KO MC RH and many many more. I love you all for your support ❤

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