So…the news lately is full of stories about suicide and bullying in schools and how the internet is now the main vehicle for the bullies to deliver their cruel taunts and words and it really and truly breaks my heart. The fact that even after the news was released about the loss of a young girl to suicide there are still people who feel the need to continue to taunt and abuse her. I have to wonder; just like we all do after every tragedy similar to this, why do people think it’s ok to treat another person like that? At what point during a kids upbringing does someone say to them “It’s totally ok for you treat people who look, act or learn differently than you like complete shit?? OH and don’t forget that when someone has a brief moment of bad judgement that instantly makes them scum and opens the door for you to push and abuse them to the point where they don’t feel like they deserve to live.” I have to wonder; are the parents of these bullies ok with the attitudes of their kids because they were the same way when they were young? or, is it because when they were young they were the victims and don’t want their children to have to live with the pain and ridicule of being different? Just food for thought.

Before I go any further here, let me say that yes, I absolutely hold the parents of the bullies responsible. Kids aren’t born with hate in their blood, hate is a learned behavior. You can’t catch someones hearsay the way you catch their fleas The End.

Here’s the thing…whatever the reason or the cause of us as a race being capable of hate, it’s there and clearly isn’t going away anytime soon. I guess all we can do it to teach our kids from the start that other peoples opinions of them don’t matter and be there for them if and when they have to deal with that. We have to teach our children how to have self confidence and be proud of who they are and where they came from. We have to teach them to accept everyone as an equal no matter what.  We have to take what we can from this horrible tragedy and use it to teach our children. Explain it to them. Answer their questions. Explain to them from a parents perspective how this girls Mom and Dad are feeling now. How awful it must be for them to have read and hear what others are saying. Ask them how they would feel if it was their best friend, sister, brother or cousin facing what this young girl was forced to live through? I guess we have to switch our way of thinking and be more vigilant and on guard for signs that perhaps our child has fallen victim to bulling or harassment at the hands of another child…or worse, that our child could possible be capable of being the bully.

No one wants to mourn the loss of their child, the meer though of that is enough to drive anyone mad with sadness. But, imagine being the parent of the child that wrote the post on the social media site or sent the text to the child that just couldn’t take it anymore. How would you deal with that? How would you feel knowing that because you neglected to teach your child to accept others, that a mother and father have to live the rest of their lives remembering the day they buried their baby. I don’t think I could.

Rest In Peace Amanda and all the others lost. You are loved.

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