A new addition to our family!

On February 2, 2012 Our family was truly blessed with the addition of another super cute kid!! My littlest sister and my super-fly brother-inlaw welcomed their first child – and it’s a healthy, happy baby BOY!!! Time to payback all those awesomely loud and glittery toys that have found their way under our Christmas tree!!!

Thanks to my 2 jobs, and 2 kids of my own in school and all that jazz I haven’t been able to get down to the city to snuggle him and squish his chubby little cheeks yet…but trust me as soon as this freak snow storm is over this weekend I will be there!

I wasn’t expecting the birth of this kid to effect me anymore than all the others; but it has. Maybe because MY baby sister is a Mommy now and that just seems weird! Maybe it’s because my oldest kid turned 12 in December then my youngest had the audacity to turn 7 in January (how RUDE!). But now I am having those crazy “I could totally have another kid if my situation was different” thoughts. Don’t worry peoples…I am not going to turn into a baby snatcher or anything, I just feel sad a bit that that certain part of my life is over now and I can only experience it vicariously through other people close to me. Sigh…no cute little coo’s while snuggling a soft cute bebe, no waving bye-byes for the first time, no first little giggle sounds, no chubby little hand prints on the tables, no waking up for 3 am feedings, no more explosive poops in the car, no screaming-bloody murder for no reason at all for 4 hours straight, no more….wait a minute…I think just cured myself. Dude, it’s 9pm and everyone is asleep and will stay asleep until at least 8am tomorrow! AND when they do wake up, those little J-words can totally make their own breakfast! HELL, if I time it right I can get them to make ME breakfast while they are at it!! My life is actually pretty sweet! Yes the coo’s and smiles and snuggles are totally awesome and I will miss those, but Mama loves her potty trained-school aged kids and sleep even more!!

ps…Dear little sister, I totally have your back on this whole kid thing. I may have made some dumb mistakes during the last 12 years of this parenting trip I have been on but since no one died on my watch, I think I did not to bad of a job (just don’t ask the dill holes for their opinion on that!). So, no matter what ,day or night, if you need me call me and I will be there. But truth be told, You and Baby Daddy are gonna rock this. I don’t think there are two more amazing, loving, kind, caring, patient people on this earth. That kid of yours is one lucky little dude. I love you!!! xoxoxo

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