High School

Feeling like you wish you could go back to high school and relive it all over again?? I recommend taking a trip down memory lane and visiting your high school. I had that chance today and man oh man was I shocked. Searched out my old locker: found boy and girl leaning against it showing off ultrasound pictures of their unborn child to their friends :s Went into the cafeteria: greasy fries replaced by a smoothy bar :s Went to look for my graduating class photo: discovered they only keep the last 10 years on the wall…the rest get chucked out : (  I missed it by 3 years. Went into the bathroom: they haven’t changed at all (blah! no wonder I developed a fear of public bathrooms!) Looked for my favorite spot to sit in the sun and have lunch with my peeps: There is a Beach Volley Ball net there now. (WTF does beach volley ball have to do with anything??) So sad. Sooo so old.
On the plus side…I did see some of my fav teachers and they remembered me! And I did look across at the West Rocks and see 3 kids roll down the hill after their afternoon “nature walk”! At least somethings never change! Jesus H Christ am I glad I got out when I did!!!!

One thought on “High School

  1. I went back to Chesley a couple of years back. It looked smaller. I mean, when I went Chesley had a total of 450 students and I dont think that has really changed. It seemed like a lot of people when I started there. Now, not so much.


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