Who said working for a living was a bad thing??

..unless of course you are a crash test dummy that is! After two years of struggling and budgeting and stealing from Peter to pay Paul (thank you Mr. Visa!), I got my first official pay check this week!  Although I have to say I was rather pissed off at the $700 in deductions – stupid government taking all my overtime and stat holiday pay!  And while I will admit there is a little sarcasm attached to the title (like if someone were to offer me a boat load of cash with NO strings attached I would totally take it and sleep in every single day instead of once a month and have more shoes and pretty party clothes than Paris Hilton!!) I actually LIKE going to work everyday to earn said pay check. I am working as an RPN supervisor at a Retirement Home and I feel pretty lucky to be part of the kick ass team of chicks there!  The residents of “the place” are also very full of awesome! They make me laugh, and tell me stories about their past. They teach me things, introduce me to their families and most importantly: they make me feel like I am part of their family! *sniff sniff TEAR* The other night as a family member was leaving after a visit, he stopped me in the hall and gave me the biggest hug and said “thank you for all your tender love and care.” For reals, I cried.

I also have this future plan to complete my Masters Degree in Counselling (that should be complete in like 4 years as long as I stay on track and don’t get all distracted by needing to sleep) so I am also working part time with a non-profit agency that is totally amazing and is also where I would like to end employed full time some day when I am finished University, providing health teaching to youth regarding mental illness (HELLO!?!?!  Takes one to know one amirite???), good mental health and suicide prevention and awareness. Again, I totally LOVE this job (with hearts and rainbows and unicorns and stuff!) My boss lady is the shiz! She has more energy than the energizer bunny on Redbull and caffeine pills – which is totally a BAD idea to mix those things so don’t do it! I love the kids/teenagers I get to teach (except when they call me ma’am or miss, they can all just eff off at that point!) and it’s so amazing to hear afterwords from the schools that what we say made a point and one or two kids came forward and asked for help.

So yay me! Pat myself on the back time! I am changing the world by helping those who need to be helped and paying my cell phone bill on time for the first time in a very long time! Ain’t I just like Mother freaking Teresa!! Now if only the other parts of my screwed up existence could be as great as this! (For reals I will fill all y’all in on that later once I decide how pissed off I am or if I can just let it roll! 🙂 ❤ )

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