My Name is Robyn and I am addicted to Pintrest…

WOW…it feels so good to get that out there!

As a person living with an Anxiety riddled Depression causing an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, it’s very easy for me to become addicted to things. The internet is in fact my nemesis. LOL Cats  was almost the death of me a few years back until I realized that Cats and Dogs can’t talk or write so how on earth could they take their own pictures and caption them, it let alone post them on the internet?? (I am sooo on to you pet owners with too much time on your hands!!)  There are so many websites out there now owned by people who’s soul purpose in life is to make people like me late for things (due dates of papers, work, dinner, life in general). So I try my hardest to avoid them like the plague – which I am good at (Thank you OCD!) That is, until the day I came across Pintrest. I am not linking you there yet cause if I do I will never see you again. For reals. For all the things that I am good at, being crafty/creative is not one of them. I am all about copying someone else’s good ideas and using them for my own selfish purposes: I always try to give credit though, cause I am cool like that!   On Pintrest you can find ideas for everything from delicious recipes to fashion ideas to money saving home decor tips! and OMGeee the holiday section??? Buddy!! I spent soo much time looking at everyone else’s fab ideas I forgot to decorate my own house! I feel it’s safe to say that this addiction is painless. I don’t think I am causing anyone else any harm by this and the parts of my life it has affected needed to be affected (eg. very rarely are the items pinned links to things I can buy on the interent in my jammies eating the delicious carmel chocolate covered pretzels I made from a recipe I found on Pintrest!). So, you have been warned. It’s awesomely delightfully addictive. Go have a browse, sign up for your own pinboard (it takes a few weeks for them to answer your request but you can browse other peoples boards while you wait!), and then you can start adding your own great finds for the rest of us pinheads to find and fall in love with! Off you go!! Pintrest  I am adding a link to my Pinboard under my links to awesomeness so you can see the things I have found!

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