So I didn’t fall in a hole or run away and join the actual circus…

I  got a job!!!!!, Well two jobs actually. They are the kind of jobs that have pay cheques attached to them so it’s pretty sweet! (minus the whole having to actually work thing.) It’s rather shocking to realize that the end of school equals work. I am not sure what I was expecting to be honest (flowers, gifts, jewels perhaps???) but I sure didn’t get want I wanted in this game of GO FISH!! In all seriousness I LOVE where I work. I love the staff, I love the residents/clients, I love the work I do and most of all I love that I actually get to practice in the field I am working towards; even if it’s only part time for now. (yay for Jackie!!!) The official end was just very anticlimactic, they could have at least shot off some illegal fireworks in my honor for sticking it through and getting to the end mostly unscathed. Instead, I got the dreaded letter from the National Student Loan Centre saying:

“Dear lady who now owes us a boat load of money, Incase you weren’t paying attention to what’s going on in your own life, you have now reached the end of your study period (that is if you actually passed – we don’t know these things so it’s up to you to inform us if you are in fact a giant failure). We will start charging your ass EPIC amounts of intrest beginning 1 January, 2012, but please don’t feel like you have to pay us until July. If you don’t start paying by July we go for your knee caps – Just sayin! Love, the good ol’ government! “

Well, it said something like that anyway, I definitely threw it away post haste after I read it and then chugged a bottle of $6.00 wine to celebrate (drown my sorrows). So anyway, thats why I have two jobs not one ,and why my kids will soon start referring to me as “that lady who sometimes sleeps in the room down the hall and gives us money to buy milk at school” Ain’t life after college grand??

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