Choose Hugs and Pugs NOT Drugs People

Meth use linked to schizophrenia risk –

Mikka says “Just Say NO!”

Seriously people! the pot our parents (yes Daddy, I am calling you out here for being a 60’s kid!!) smoked back in the day is NOT the pot our kids are exposed to today. Basically, people suck now and have no qualms whatsoever about lacing a joint with some nasty stuff that will seriously fuck your shit up after you smoke it and you will never get better. I hear story after story from people who say they can remember the feeling of “their mind snapping or shifting” after smoking that one joint they got from the guy in the denim jacket.  It’s our job as parents, aunts, sisters, health care providers, teachers, ect. to help kids understand that DRUGS ARE BAD THE END. Gone are the days where it’s “okay to experiment cause everyone does”. Fuck That. It’s not okay. It’s stupid. You think that; you’re stupid. So talk to your kids about drugs, about sex, and about suicide. Ask them questions about their friends. Ask them what goes on at parties. Don’t accept “nothing” or “you know, he usual stuff” as an answer. Be a pain in the ass parent who is ALL up in your kids business, cause if you aren’t then you aren’t doing a good job. But thats just my opinion.

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