The Joys of Grade 7 music class

LW is in grade 7 this year (wahhhhh!) and the grade 7 music curriculum includes the awesomeness of learning to play an instrument. After much debate; which was basically me vetoing anything large, heavy, complicated or weird, LW chose the clarinet.  His teacher has spent the last 7 weeks instructing the class on the assembly and care of the instrument and finally last week they were allowed to attempt to produce sounds, which also meant they were allowed or encouraged I should say, to bring the instruments home to practice! YAY us! His theory on this as stated in the newsletter; is that this way way he will have more time to focus on musical theory in class this year, so that in grade 8 the students can focus on the  perfecting their playing skills. So here’s the deal Mr. Music teacher: I was not born last night. I too was once a grade 7 student learning the art of music (OK, I admit I totally pushed the clarinet choice because that’s what I played, and this way there is no way he can say “MOOOMMMM!! it’s supposed to sound that way!!!”). I remember the horror of the sounds of those first attempts my class made at playing our shiny new exciting instruments. I also totally SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE!! Let the kids take the instruments home to practice so the “get comfortable” with them.  Let the parents and neighbors of said students have to suffer through the squeaking squawking ear piercing sounds created so you can save your own ear drums. Well played sir. Well played indeed. I can’t wait for parent teacher night next week! Momma is bringing her out door voice!

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