12 hour over night shifts :(

I am working through the next five weeks finishing my final (thank you very much!!!) praxis placement for my RPN degree with the great nursing staff at a local hospital. I got to experience my first 12 hour night shifts this week. Seriously?? who’s idea was this anyway? I have to say that this sleep deprivation has shed a brand new kind of stabby/painful/burning light on this whole depression thing.  The worst part right now has to be the mood swings! One minute I am doing alright and the the next  second I am fucking crying over Hannah Montana (it was so sad she went to college and Billy Ray was all proud <sniff sniff>) WHAT THE FUCK???? then suddenly out of no where the sound of the furnace drives me so insane I am truly contemplating sleeping outside. Awesome! now we are bordering on psychosis. Good Fucking Times.

What I do know is that even though the nights were long and brutally boring at times I am pretty lucky to get to hang out with such amaze-balls people! Seriously. Nurses in small towns ROCK! Thanks for the laughs ladies. I am INSPIRED!

I have 4 posts that I wrote over the last two nights that I think are brilliant and will change your life!!! but right now my eyeballs are retaliating against the lack of sleep  cause I have definitely been awake for 29 hours and the pink bunnies hopping across the floor are starting to freak me out!

Real post tomorrow I promise! For now…a picture my kid made me!

You WISH you had my kids artistic talent!
You WISH you had my kids artistic talent!

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