Things I like!

So when depression and anxiety rule my brain (which is sadly most of the time) I try to find things that make me smile! That is the fourth rule of good mental health dontcha ya know?? Here is a list of a few of my favorites!

My Kids! Sometimes they drive me banana’s but most times their awesomeness just astounds me and I can help but smile : )

My dogs! They are cuddley snuggley cute when I need a hug and when I need to laugh there is always epic amounts of tail chasing from Adah and full out freakishness from Torchy! 

My friends and my family! I love them to the moon and back! They are crazy and silly and they laugh at my sick sense of humor, they let me cry when when I need to cry and aren’t afraid to kick my ass back into reality when I need it. They are there for me when I need them and can always tell when I need them most. They bring me coffee  and cookies at 11pm when I am working feverishly to finish a paper that is due the next day. They let me sit at their kitchen table and bitch about someone who shouldn’t piss me off anymore but still does. They don’t look at me like I am crazy when I yell at the top of my lungs while trick or treating that someone makes me so mad I want to kick puppies! (I actually don’t want to do that but at the time it seemed like the right thing to say!)  My friends rock and you should be jealous that they are my friends not yours. And you can’t have them. I don’t share. Check my JK report card it says that. 

The internet! On so many levels. I can find everything I need on here (just like you found this!) I can spend hours reading blogs and watching funny videos on the nights I can’t sleep (see Blog  roll and the right of the screen—>). I follow news stories about the goings on in the world that are actually relevant. I can chat with my friends (see above) and my sisters who live WAY to far away. And of course LOL Cats; Nuff said.

Books! I love to read. Especially the non-educational kind of reading. I can completely ignore reality when I get into a good book. A few of my favorites: Harry Potter series, Mary Higgins-Clark novels,  Wally Lamb The Hour I First Believed, Sophie Kinsella novels, and on and on(note the lack of Twilight?? I went through that phase for about a week and then I sobered up).

Music! No matter what I am feeling I have play lists to match! Dude – I have music moods. When I am sad I am all about Adele and Buble and Sarah Mclachlan. When I am angry: Hello Linkin Park!! When I am in a good mood anything goes! My iTunes list has everything from Queen to Bieber (I love Bieber and Joe Jonas don’t judge me) At home we dance and laugh and sing our days away and be as loud and crazy as we can; even in WalMart. Your Welcome WalMart shoppers! 

There are certainly more I could include like cheese cake – cheese cake is the bomb. And vodka caesars. And also mojitos. Anyway, the point is depression doesn’t have to rule your life. It only can only drag down into the pits of hell if you let it ( I totally am letting it right now and it SUCKS), find things that make you smile even if it’s just for a minute and that’s a start. Climbing out of the dark pit of this shit-tastic illness starts with one smile and then you can take it from there!


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