Today I intended to….

Do the laundry.

The laundry machine is all the way downstairs. wtf is THAT all about? Nice design house builders! 

Wash the Halloween glitter off the floor because it looks like Ke$ha barfed all over the place.

Mop missing, Mr. Clean smells too lemony and Ke$ha a dollar sign?? Really??

Put the pumpkins in the composte pile.

I think saw a skunk back there. It may also have been a cat or shadow but my glasses were in the other room. New plan: paint pumkins to look like Christmas decorations and leave them on the steps until the snow covers them up.

Basically today was a waste. I do feel that my well fed, clean, and happy kids count for something right? All right, they fed, cleaned and entertained themselves but I was there!!

UGH! Lets try this again tomorrow.

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